Wear a more comfortable head-mounted Bluetooth headset—sanag B5S PRO

With the current development of Bluetooth headsets in the market, a variety of wireless Bluetooth headsets have flooded into it. Compared with wired headsets, Bluetooth headsets will reduce a lot of trouble. The first is the convenience of carrying, and the second is the quick connection. A quick connection can be made by directly turning on the headset. One disadvantage of wearing the headset for a long time is that it will be a little painful to plug in the ear. Therefore, there are bone conduction, air conduction and other Bluetooth headsets that are not in the ear. But there is also a certain degree of leakage, so it is still somewhat lacking for heavy music lovers.

And what I'm sharing today is a Bluetooth headset. It can also have a better sound quality experience without ears. One advantage of the headset is that it can have a more noise reduction effect, but the one I shared today has good sound quality and also comes with a noise reduction effect. It is-Sanag B5S PRO noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset.


Active noise canceling Sanag headphone


The front of the box is mainly black. The difference is that it has a golden embellishment, which looks very advanced. In the upper left corner is a golden logo of the manufacturer. A detail of the product picture is presented on the packaging box, and an embellishment of the small gold font makes the packaging box very advanced. So whether it is for self use or as a gift to a friend, it is very good.

The Box of Sanag B5s Pro headset

After opening the package, it is a family portrait of the product, which contains the noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset X1, manual X1, and a Type-C data cable X1, as well as a 3.5mm audio cable and a storage bag that can hold the headphones. The overall appearance of the headset is also mainly black. Compared with other colors, black is better than other colors. The color is not so eye-catching. After all, the volume of the Bluetooth headset is larger than other Bluetooth headsets, and the black will be more low-key.


the unboxing of Sanag B5s Pro-sanagshop


The two big earplugs of the headset can be adjusted. That is to say, when not in use, it can be easily stored in a schoolbag when it is not used, so that it can occupy a smaller space when it is installed. The length of the head can be reduced in the position of the head, and it is easy to wear for people with big heads like me. And it is made of memory stretchable material, so any head shape can be worn. And it will not fall.

One of the relatively easy to use is that it can be stored, which is a new understanding of my Bluetooth headset. He can deform and shrink at will. It only takes two simple steps to shrink the headset, and then put it into the gift storage bag, so it is very convenient to carry. It will not take up too much area. For people who like to travel or travel on business, this is a very good design. It doesn't take up space to carry.

Foldable B5s pro headset - sanagshop

This head-mounted Bluetooth headset supports an ANC active noise reduction, which uses active noise reduction to actively isolate external noise. Continue to accurately find the noise that needs to be isolated from the outside world. There is a switch on the earphone specifically to turn on ANC active noise reduction, and the green light will light up when it is turned on. One of the biggest benefits of this switch is that you can turn on noise reduction without turning it on. For example, when you need a quiet environment, you can wear a Bluetooth headset to turn on noise reduction mode. Enter a quiet environment. Of course, it is a transparent mode when the switch is not toggled. The biggest advantage of the transparent mode is that you can hear some surrounding sounds clearly while wearing the headphones. Achieve a normal communication with people around without taking off the earphones.

Dual Mode connection B5s pro sanag headset -sanagshop

According to the official introduction, it can reduce noise by 20% in leisure time, 50% in first class on business trips, and 80% in daily commuting. This means that it can eliminate a certain amount of noise under any circumstances. And because of the head-mounted design, it has a certain noise reduction effect when worn on the ear itself. So it is still very good in noise reduction. Generally, I can almost achieve a completely immersive music listening mode when I wear it at home.

Compared to other Bluetooth headsets, the headset Bluetooth headset is much larger, and there are many reasons for it. It is because this bluetooth headset is equipped with a 40mm large dynamic coil sound unit, the second generation SANAG-ACavity acoustic structure cavity. Create a sound field for a broad life. The low frequency is thick and the middle frequency is clear, and the high frequency is bright. The sound details are rich, and the levels are clearly defined to give you a pure and natural 3D stereo sound and an immersive experience. It can achieve an immersive sound effect when listening to songs. It is the best choice for people who have high requirements for sound quality. Because as long as it is able to add a super-large moving coil sound unit.

40mm large dynamic coil sound unit, the second generation SANAG-ACavity acoustic structure cavity-sanagshop

Not to be outdone in terms of battery life, equipped with a 400mAh battery, using Bluetooth low energy, can bring up to 30 hours of long battery life music listening. If it is not in use, it will be normal to use it for a week after the shutdown is not a problem. It uses the most common Type-C interface on the market, so it can be used to charge the headset almost anywhere, and there is no worry about the power issue.

The operation of the buttons is also very convenient, all the buttons are gathered together. This is not easy to misuse in use. Volume addition and subtraction, as well as multi-function keys. You only need to get familiar with it briefly and then you will be familiar with it quickly after wearing it. The volume can be added or subtracted through the buttons, and the switch of songs and music playback can also make calls. Double-clicking the function key can also quickly evoke the phone's voice.

400mAh battery, using Bluetooth low energy-sanag B5s pro headset-sanagshop

Above the Bluetooth version is the 5.0 Bluetooth version. The stable transmission distance can be as long as 10m or more, and this Bluetooth chip uses a custom gaming Bluetooth chip. The low latency of 45ms can achieve real picture and sound synchronization. Of course, if you are pursuing truly no delay, then the Bluetooth headsets currently on the market can hardly do it. So this bluetooth headset also supports a wired mode to realize the real switch between wired and wireless.

Above the Bluetooth version is the 5.0 Bluetooth version-sanagshop

The position where the earphones are worn is made of soft protein skin, and the earmuffs are soft and comfortable, and have a high degree of fit with the ears. Even if I wear my eyes, I won't fall off. Another advantage of wearing this headset in winter is that it can keep your ears warm. So this winter is here, hurry up and buy such a pair of headphones for her warm. And the Bluetooth headset is not in the ear, even if it is worn for a long time, there is still no pain.

earmuffs are soft and comfortable-sanagshop

Support dual-mic high-definition calls, equipped with call noise reduction technology. Able to clearly hear human voices during a call. Eliminate the surrounding environment to achieve a quieter call effect. It also has lossless HiFi sound quality. Immerse yourself in HiFi sound quality and tap the emotional resonance of music. The call music is correct.


Stable fit and motionless comfort, fit ergonomic cavity design, slim and streamlined body, firmly fit the head, it will not fall off when walking and running, and it is convenient to go with you. If you don't listen to the song, you don't need to store it like other Bluetooth headsets, just hang it on your neck. So it is very comfortable to carry and wear.



The dark night black-tailed gull Sanag B5S PRO noise reduction Bluetooth headset is very comfortable to wear. Moreover, it also plays a role in keeping warm under certain conditions, and wearing it out of the ear also reduces the pain of the ear. One key to turn on ANC active noise reduction; it can achieve a quiet listening environment. 30h long battery life; one week of daily use is no problem at all. Lossless HiFi sound quality; if you like music to reach you, this headset is worth owning, and there is also an oversized 40mm large dynamic coil. Double mic high-definition call; subway, bus and daily calls are very clear. Wired and wireless dual mode: AUX, Bluetooth; to meet a demand at any time.

Stable fit and motionless comfort, fit ergonomic cavity design-sanagshop


There is no sense of delay and no sound leakage; games and daily chase dramas can completely achieve a picture sound synchronization. Daily leisure and entertainment, business travel, transportation and commuting; there is no problem at all. 2021 is coming to an end. I think for those who are wandering away, music should be the best company to accompany us. Why not take advantage of the new year to give her or give yourself a music headset that will accompany us for a long time.





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