Review of Sanag Wireless Air Conduction Anti-sweat Sports Headphone

Earphones provide a lightweight option for listening to music while being active.

Music is an essential part of my life and is absolutely necessary when any type of exercise is involved. For the last year, I have been training on and off for in-person races. Visibility and safety are extremely important to me. While I love to listen to music to block out the world, I understand that it would be dangerous for me to do this when walking or running.

I have to be aware of my surroundings. The SANAG open-ear Bluetooth air conduction sport earphones allow me to listen to music and also hear what is going around in the world around me. This is my first experience using air conduction earphones, so I wasn't really sure what to expect.


Sanag as a brand was founded in London, UK in 2010. The Sanag A11S Open-Ear Bluetooth Air Conduction Sport Earphones transmit sound through air vibration and create a high-definition listening experience for the user. The earphones ensure that users can enjoy their favorite music and still be aware of their surroundings.

The earphones feature one-step pairing with your mobile device and second-generation digital sound enhancement technology. Users have the ability to answer and place phone calls using the earphones thanks to its built-in microphone. They are rated IP67 and certified as 'waterproof.' The earphones also feature smart button control with the buttons that are inset on the earphones themselves.

Tech and specs:

Bluetooth version: 5.1
Wireless range: ≥ 10m.
Playtime: 8 hours.
Talking time: 10 hours.
Standby time: 10 days.
Charging time: 1.5 hours.
Size: 132 * 105 * 45mm.
Weight: 26g.

What's in the box:

Premium air conduction wireless headphones.
Micro USB-C charging cable.
32G memory card.
User manual.



When I took the earphones out of the box, I was surprised that there wasn't a case or a bag to store them in when not in use. The headset was fully charged in under two hours and connecting it to my iPhone was very easy. Simply press the Bluetooth button on the headset and you will hear a voice say "Bluetooth mode.".

To connect to your phone, you will open Bluetooth and select the device. The music is clear for you and for everyone else around you. I had the music on the lowest setting and both my daughter and husband could hear it loud and clear. This was a little disappointing. I hate disrupting others with my music. Since it has a built-in mic, I had to test that out as well. I went out to the garage and had my daughter call me. I answered the phone but she had trouble hearing me.

I decided to take them out for a quick walk. I wanted to see how they fared in an outdoor environment. I had to turn the music up a bit, but I was still able to hear the traffic and what was going on around me. The headset kept bouncing at the back of my neck and that got a bit annoying. Unfortunately, there's not a way to adjust them for a snugger fit.


I really think that if I could adjust them, I would be able to have better use of the microphone and possibly not share my music with the world. I also think that I would enjoy them more, Overall, they are nice and the clarity is great.


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