A9S Air Conduction Sport Earphones

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Sanag A9S Bone Conduction Sport Earphones Features:

  • Sound Quality: 360-Degree Panoramic Virtual Mixing Technology

Sanag Acoustic laboratory to create 360-degree ACS panoramic sound, hundreds of debugging, to realize the surrounding field of hearing.

  • Wearing: SFE In-Ear Technology and Human Ear Structure

Sanag A9S Bone Conduction Earphones adopt SF-EARS ear-fitting technology for a listening experience without plugging the ears, with a 32G lightweight body for long-time comfortable wearing. Ergonomic design, simulating the shape of the ear contour, shaping the lightweight, anti-live suspension structure, taking into account the comfort and stability of the headset.

  • Speed: Bluetooth 5.3

Bluetooth 5.3 enables high-speed pairing, low power consumption, low latency, and high transmission speed.

  • Capacity: 32G Built-In Memory

Sanag A9S Bone Conduction Earphones support MP3 mode and have a built-in 32G mode for storing over 3,000 local music tracks.

  • Waterproof: IPX8 Level

Sanag A9S Bone Conduction Earphones are made of an imported nano-grade waterproof and breathable membrane, IPX8 grade waterproof, sweat and rain resistant.

  • Sound Leakage Prevention: Directional Sound Transmission Technology

Sanag A9S Bone Conduction Earphones upgraded DT5.0 bionic directional sound transmission black technology, efficiently collects sound waves to reduce 99% of sound leakage problems.

  • Battery Life:10 Hours of All-Day Battery Life

Sanag A9S Bone Conduction Earphones choose a magnetic charging design, equipped with a 170mAh low power consumption battery, all day long lasting 10 hours.

  • Calling: CVC algorithm and bi-directional acoustic noise canceling technology

CVC algorithm intelligently recognizes noise-canceling ambient sounds. Dual silicon microphones effectively adjust the details of the human voice, emit reverse sound waves to offset noise interference, reduce the diffuse reflection of sound waves, and effectively improve voice clarity.

  • Design: Open Design and Eyeglasses Compatible Headphones Design

Open headset design: Sports and fitness can be solid without dropping the Walkman; safe commuting can sense the surrounding environment; office meetings can be face-to-face chat calls. Humanized structure design makes it easy for users wearing glasses to wear bone-conduction headphones.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Like these better than IN-EAR type ... BUT ...loose on me

This "style" is perfect for me for when exercising. I cannot wear 'in-ear' ear buds due to bothering my ears due to having tendency to swimmer's ear issues and just general sensitivity. And I don't like "over the ear" style when exercising, because of trapping in sweat. So this "open ear" style is perfect.
They paired fine with an Android phone.
I really like having a VOLUME up/down buttons to adjust volume since the output volume can change, especially if commercials come on.
I use mostly for talk radio or podcasts ... not music.
BATTERY: i probably get between 4 and 5 hours play time. They start to beep when battery getting low and you have about 10 minutes or so before they just die. Instructions say not to overcharge these ...so you need to be mindful of plugging them in for just a couple hours or so and then UNPLUG so as to not mess up the battery. So its not a "smart battery" I guess.
Sound: not music quality. It is tinny; one dimensional. But fine what I use it for. Sound is clear.
FIT: this is probably my biggest negative for these. They are made for a larger / wider head.
They fit me, but they are loose and there is no way to make them snugger against the head. e.g. like bendable.
If just wearing these alone, that is probably OK. They are so light you barely notice they are there.
(another big plus)
But , when adding sunglasses, and then a cap, it all gets messy. It is easy to knock the ear piece away from ear if you adjust your sunglasses or hat or just make too much motion in general.
So that part gets annoying.
Also, if they were more adjustable, I could get them to fit closer to my open ear and thus would not have to play the volume so loud in order to hear it.
But overall, I'm glad to have them as they are a better solution for me than in-ear buds or over-the-ear headphone style.

So REQUEST to SANAG engineers /product Designers : if you could provide a stiff yet flexible "ARM" so that these could be adjusted/bent tighter against a smaller/narrower head .. that would be a great improvement.


Battery life of the headphones is very strong, the sound quality is also very good, they are very comfortable to wear and I am very satisfied.

Worth repurchasing

Comfortable to wear, the sound effect is perfect and the bass is delicate! It is sweat-proof and waterproof, and it is very easy to use. I have been using it for a week before reviewing it.


Excellent presentation and sent quickly. I'm going to see how they come out, I hope they are of good quality.

Psycho Cyclist

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