About Sanag

The History Of Sanag

Service field in mobile power, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, smart bracelet technology development and sales

Sanag Was founded in London, UK in 2010. Its headquarters in China was established in Shenzhen, Guangdong province in 2013. Sanag maintains the use and attention of new technology, with young, fashionable, creative design language and elements, to provide consumers with highly innovative, high-quality intelligent electronic consumer goods.  Sanag aims to combine the practicality and creativity of its products, providing high-quality and trendy creative digital products for every consumer, allowing consumers to enjoy the quality life of intelligent digital products. 

Value Of Sanag

“Born to be unique and innovative"

"Born to be unique, and innovative", is the brand gene of Sanag. Sanag cooperated with world-renowned first-line manufacturers in research and development, and applied technology to the product end more quickly, fully considering the needs of the new generation of users. Under UK Sanag LTD, it has set up acoustic laboratory, Sanag Sena Design research Center and other institutions, so as to develop a series of audio-visual products with scientific intelligence and good reputation. For example: take the lead in warehousing pull type true wireless Bluetooth headset. Such products allow users not only to be fully satisfied with their hearing, but also to distinguish the design lag of the traditional earphone market and inject new visual effects into the shape. Sanag J1 series exploded the "phenomenal" purchase phenomenon immediately after its launch, and also caused a large number of imitation and copycats in the industry. 

Vision Of Sanag

Support global consumers with highly innovative, high-quality intelligent electronic consumer goods

Sanag has always adhered to the vision of "providing global consumers with highly innovative and high-quality intelligent electronic consumer goods", and has been persistent and adhering to high standards in product quality, design and technology.  In order to build a young and fashionable earphone brand, SanAG Sana has invested a huge sum of money to build an industrial chain base and invested huge research and development efforts to pursue high quality products and bring ideal experience to consumers.  Whether in the brand research and development focus, or in the global adhere to the "localization" brand operation, SANAG has always taken the needs of users as the initial mind of all brand behavior, and gathered the world's top designers, to create the ultimate new generation of audiovisual products, is a new cutting-edge brand with attitude and feelings. 

Working Environment