Outdoor Speaker Recommendation - Review of Sanag M13 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker

What do young people usually do for fun now? Fitness, skateboarding, camping, and other outdoor activities, that's the reason why the portability and high sound effect of outdoor speakers are particularly hot. But for young people who are outdoor activity lovers, general portable speakers may not meet their requirements, because their requirements are far more than that, sound quality, waterproof ability, and appearance of the speaker. This time I bought a fairly comprehensive portable speaker to review - Sanag M13 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker.


SanagM13 portable Bluetooth speaker has an eye-catching look. I think the design of Sanag M13 is focused on the taste of the young. Also stylish of its packaging stays the same with the fashion appearance as well as the tone of the product.

Regarding the color I chose the color green this time, in fact, the Sanag M13 speaker color scheme is like various blooming, there are five vibrant colors and I like green the most.
When I unboxed the M13 speaker and have the first look, the portability of is impressed me the most. Size small, even compared with my wonderful control mouse. The speakers also have RGB light sources, which I did not expect, and up to ten RGB light sources so those who like this type of configuration will be very happy.
when hand holding the Sanag M13 speaker, it feels good, very suitable and comfortable with the right size and material. In addition, the lanyard of the speaker allows it to hang in the backpack or waist. Especially when outdoor sports, weight and size are important. Sanag M13 speaker not only takes too much space and can also adapt to a variety of needs. The handle part uses a fabric outer cover, which promotes comfort in touch and will not get cold during the winter season.
Sanag M13 speaker has three play modes. Bluetooth mode, memory card mode, and fading light mode.
In fact, except Bluetooth mode, memory card playback is also a frequently used mode, especially at outdoor activities, hiking and climbing when using memory card mode does not affect the normal use of cell phones, I think this feature is still very important.
Sanag M13 speakers are fully sealed cavity design and support IPX7 level of waterproof, which means that are fearless in the daily use of water splashes or sports, also camping water splashes. Sanag M13 speakers are also designed with a non-slip pad on the lower part, so that placed on the table can also play the role of anti-slip.
Sanag M13 speaker is equipped with Bluetooth 5.1 chip, stable transmission, and low latency, in addition to low power consumption, the speaker can reach nearly 20 hours of battery life. Of course, as well as the sound quality, Sanag M13 speakers also show their power, high and low bass diaphragm surround sound, and the performance of popular music is very good.
Sanag M13 Pro portable Bluetooth speaker has good sound quality and volume assurance, so as a portable speaker is definitely very very suitable. At the same time, the appearance design is very suitable for young people's aesthetics, with multiple colors to choose from, there is a personalized RGB light source. Waterproof ability is very strong it can also adapt to different environments, whether it is outdoor sports or camping to bring it can feel the joy of music along with around, I think this speaker is really worth it with less than $40 price.

SANAG wireless Bluetooth speakers outdoor waterproof subwoofer high-quality office home small portable audio M13S Pro l orange
$38.99 USD
Buy: https://bit.ly/3TnAQKw
coupon: SN-2022 


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Minhaz Abedin

Anker has really nailed it with their speaker, especially when you consider the Anker Speaker price in Bangladesh. It’s a fantastic value for money, and the sound quality is exceptional. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or just looking for a reliable speaker, this one is worth checking out. Thumbs up, Anker!"

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