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Sanag Z50S Ear Clip Wireless Bluetooth Smart Air Conduction headphones

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Color: White


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  • Fit Ear's tech ensures comfort without limits.
  • Ergonomic design for all-day secure fit.
  • Non-in-ear design, more comfortable.
  • Sub-millisecond sound tracking, smart ear soundstage tuning.
  • 360-degree panoramic sound, simulating theater-like surround space.
  • Third-gen Aca acoustic chamber, restoring sound details.
  • SSG Acoustic Lab meticulously hones every sound.
  • Sanag Master Sound App, custom EQ for master-level headphones.
  • Dual-effect soundwave technology, noise reduction boosted by 89%.
  • Sanag Bluetooth Flash Connect 6.0, lossless audio transmission.
  • Groundbreaking 70-hour battery life, longer-lasting performance.
  • Beyond headphones, it's your productivity partner.
  • Water and sweat defense system, resistant to moisture.



Headphones Model
Sanag Z50s
Wireless Version V5.3
Battery Capacity 400mAh
Transmission Distance 10 meters
Sensitivity(microphone) -38dbv/pa
Charging Time About 1 hour(It is best to charge for the first time more than 1 hour)
Operating Temperature -20 degrees to 70 degrees




Comfort for Days

The Sanag Z50s Pro wireless open-back headphones use Fit Ear tech, giving you a comfy listening experience. They're super lightweight at just 6.5g per earbud, so you can wear them for hours without feeling tired. Plus, the air membrane layer keeps your ears feeling cool and comfy, no matter their shape.


Snug Fit for Your Ears

Sanag checked out more than the ears of 1000 people to nail down the perfect fit. Based on what they learned, the Sanag Z50s Pro wireless open-back headphones are designed with super comfy earbuds that stay securely in place, no matter how active you get.
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Immersive Panoramic Sound

With the Sanag Z50s Pro wireless open-back headphones, it's not just about sound - it's about being totally immersed. Imagine feeling like you're right there in the action, with every sound hitting you from all angles. And the best part? It adjusts to give you the perfect balance of bass and treble, no matter how loud you crank it. It's like having your own personal concert, wherever you go.

Nailing Every Sound Detail Like a Pro

Bringing together different tech boosts resolution twofold, dialing in on those sound nuances. 
  • Wide-frequency crystal diaphragm? Widens audio tuning for richer detail.
  • High-score battery pack? Keeps the power flowing steady.
  • Analog-to-digital sound core chip? Cuts out interference, distortion, for smooth audio.
  • ACA acoustic chamber? Stable vibes, less annoying high-pitch noise.
  • Dual-crystal AI noise reduction? Nails noise canceling by picking up and canceling out noise waves.

Noise Reduced by a Whopping 89%

Utilizing dual-effect soundwave tech, chip-controlled, for a boost of 89% in noise cancellation. Plus, tapping into AI anti-wind noise algorithms, precisely filters out wind noise, picking up crystal-clear voices even in noisy settings.


Leakage Slashed by a Massive 93%

Keeps you in the zone by tweaking to your ear shape, even adjusting up to 25 degrees for that snug fit, ensuring you catch every beat without any leaks. Plus, with sound beaming, we slash those pesky leaks by a massive 93%!

Soak in that Master-Grade Sound

Download the Sanag Smart Master Audio App to tailor your Sanag Z50s Pro wireless open-back headphones's EQ just the way you like it, and dive into a personalized sound experience. Sanag's SSG Acoustic Lab has put these headphones through countless tweaks and adjustments to deliver top-notch audio quality.
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Frequency Response

Bluetooth Pairing Quicker than Lightning

Sanag's own Bluetooth Flash Connect 6.0 keeps your Bluetooth connection smooth. You get top-notch sound quality without any lag, ideal for gaming.

Other Benefits

Battery Goes Strong for a Massive 70 Hours

With the Sanag Z50s Pro wireless open-back headphones and their charging case, you've got a marathon of 70 hours of music ahead. Need a quick boost? Just an hour of charge gets you back in the game. And when you're not jamming out, they can stay on standby for a whopping 90 days.

Not Bothered by Sweat or Rain

No worries about sweat or light rain messing with your music! This design keeps your earbuds dry and the tunes flowing, so you can keep moving and grooving without a hitch.

Smooth and Snappy Control

The Sanag Z50s Pro wireless open-back headphones let you tap or swipe on either side to change tracks, take calls, or summon your voice assistant. They connect easily via Bluetooth to your phone or other gadgets, working smoothly with both iPhones and Androids. And they're super comfy, even if you're wearing glasses, making them perfect for all-day wear, no matter what you're doing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
My ears are no longer in pain.

I struggle with ear infections when using regular earbuds because they don't allow for proper airflow, but these earbuds were a significant improvement. The sound quality was satisfactory, and they stayed securely in place. I would definitely purchase them again.

My husband is a big fan of them.

These earbuds offer excellent value for their price! They are perfect for my husband, who doesn't like headsets that intrude into his ears. He can wear them comfortably all day long. The battery life is impressive, and the volume is satisfactory. Overall, there are no complaints whatsoever.

Ear-safe and painless

I've experienced ear pain with most things that go in or around my ears, so I stopped using earbuds a long time ago. However, these earbuds don't go inside the ear. They sit in front of the ear canal and the back part goes straight back, which works perfectly for me. Sometimes I even wear them low behind the ear, but the straight back position is what I prefer. I absolutely love them.

Affordable headphones

I really liked these headphones because the sound was only a little worse than my AirPods for 100 less and I can hear when my coworkers will ask me something at work. Which is helpful because I’m hard of hearing in one ear. I also like that the right one would fit in my left ear. Overall would recommend.

Comfortable and highly practical

These earbuds surprised me with their comfort and versatility. I use them for everything and the sound quality is great. Whether it's movies, YouTube, or music while doing chores, they are perfect. I would buy them again.

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