Sanag Z63S Pro Ear Hook Wireless Bluetooth Smart ANC Air Conduction Headphones

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Type: Z63S Pro

Z63S Pro
Z63S Pro
Z63S ProMax
Z63S AIMax

Color: Black


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  • Non-In-Ear Design, Truly Zero-Feel Wearing
  • Bionic Cochlear-Style design, Snug Fit that Won't Shake off Easily
  • 360-Degree Panoramic Surround Sound, a Stunning Experience for Both Ears
  • Directional Sound Technology 6.0, Effectively Reduces 93% of Sound Leakage
  • Sanag App Professional-Grade EQ Optimization
  • Efficient Power Battery, Enjoy for 60 Hours Straight
  • AI-Powered Call Noise Reduction, Unfazed by Wind Noise
  • IPX5-Rated Waterproofing, Resistant to Rain and Wind
  • Sanag Bluetooth Flash Connect 6.0, Lightning-Fast Pairing with No Delay
  • User-Friendly Touch Features, Prevents Accidental Touches


Model Sanag Z63S Pro Ear Hook Wireless Bluetooth Smart ANC Air Conduction Headphones
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.3
Transmission Distance 10 Meters
Charging Time About 2 hours
Waterproof Level IPX5 Waterproof
Input Interface Type-C
Frequency Response 20HZ~20kHZ
Battery 3.7V/800MAh
Recharging Current <=500mA




Genuine Zero-Feel Fit

Unlike regular headphones that go inside your ears, the not in-ear Sanag Z63 wireless open-ear headphones weigh just around 6 grams, so the headphones feel super comfy. It fits 99% of ear shapes, keeps your ears healthy, and lets you hear what's going on around you.


Stable and Comfortable Fit

With its ergonomic design inspired by the human ear, these Sanag Z63 wireless open-ear headphones are way more comfortable to wear. They've been tested with strong springs at 90 degrees and spun around at high speed, so they stay on way better than regular open-style ones.
comfortable of sanag z63 wireless open ear headphones


Lowers Sound Leakage by 93%

SLD Sound Leak Detection and DT Directional Transmission work together to cut sound leakage by a whopping 93%. Here's how it works: SLD Sound Leak Detection spots any leaks and sends out sound waves to counter them, reducing how much sound gets out. Then, DT Directional Transmission 6.0 kicks in, adjusting the angle of the sound waves entering your ear canal based on its shape, effectively minimizing leaks, whether the angle is less or more than 25 degrees.


Hi-Fi Audio Experience

Using a combo of high-bounce magnetic bass coil and composite ceramic tweeter in a coaxial dual-unit setup brings audiophile-grade surround sound to the Sanag Z63 wireless open-ear headphones. Our smart bass tech got an upgrade too, so you can enjoy deep, rich bass anytime. Plus, with our dynamic EQ algorithm, it automatically adjusts low and high-frequency volumes, enhancing sound quality.

Enjoy Theater-Quality Sound

It's not just about one acoustic anymore. The combination of three major acoustics delivers a 360-degree immersive surround sound experience. Under the built-in dual chambers, one handles the sound source while the other simulates theater sound, complementing each other to bring back realistic theater audio effects.

Sanag App Master-Level EQ Tuning

Get the Sanag Smart Master Sound App for customizing your EQ of Sanag Z63 wireless open-ear headphones and enjoying a personalized sound experience crafted by the master. With the Sanag App, you can intelligently adjust volume, switch music tracks, check headphone battery level, and choose from six EQ modes, among other smart settings.
high quality sound of sanag z63 wireless open ear headphones

Frequency Response

Bluetooth Lightning-Fast Pairing

Sanag's patented Bluetooth Flash Connect 6.0 connects lightning-fast, with zero delay. Sanag Z63 wireless open-ear headphones using Sanag's Bluetooth Flash Connect 6.0 offer faster transmission speeds, longer transmission distances, more stable signal transmission, and lower power consumption.

Other Benefits

Enjoy for 60 Hours Straight

You can jam out for 12 hours straight on one charge, and with the charging case, you've got a whopping 60 hours of tunes. Plus, with high-quality batteries, they last longer. After rocking out with the Sanag Z63 wireless open-ear headphones for 3 hours, you've still got 75% battery left, while those cheaper ones? They're probably down to 5%.

IPX5 Level Waterproof

IPX5-rated waterproofing means you can sweat it out during workouts worry-free. The tightly sealed headphones body effectively prevents everyday light rain or sweat from getting inside. However, it's not suitable for swimming or direct water submersion.

AI-Powered Call Noise Cancellation

The combination of call noise reduction algorithm, voice extraction sensor, and high-definition noise-canceling microphone works together to improve the ability of Sanag Z63 wireless open-ear headphones to block wind noise during calls by 200%. This means you can still have crystal-clear conversations even at the beach, while biking, or jogging.
long battery of sanag z63 wireless open ear headphones

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
The top-notch buy I've ever made

These earbuds are absolutely fantastic. I've owned this pair for nearly a year, and they have never let me down. The sound quality is unexpectedly excellent.


I spotted these and was really looking forward to trying them out and using them all the time. They're super comfortable and you can totally forget you have them on. However, the bass isn't great, and you have to crank up the volume to the max to really hear everything.

Just so so

My primary reason for purchasing new earbuds was to have an external pair. It wasn't the best buy, though. I do appreciate the fit and the sound quality is impressive. However, they have a problem with staying paired.

Good enough

It's like having your own background music, but the bass is not great, and people around you can hear the music.These headphones are amazing because you can hear the ambient sounds and have conversations without any trouble. They fit perfectly and are super comfortable.I'll use these when I exercise or need to talk to others, and I'll use my AirPods when I want to focus and block out everything else.

So far so good

These headphones are a game-changer! They're so comfy, I hardly realize I'm wearing them. Plus, they stay put even with lots of head movement.

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