Sanag B51S Pro RunBeat First Generation Open Ear Swimming Bone Conduction Headphones

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Type: B51S Pro(16g)

B51S Pro(16g)
B51S Pro(16g)
B51S ProMax(64g)

Color: Black


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Sanag B51S Pro RunBeat Bone Conduction Headphones Features:

  • Bone Conduction Technology: Third-generation Sanag-Acavity acoustic structural cavity technology

    16MM high-density gravity vibrator increases high-performance vibration frequency by 75%.

    • Sound Quality: Achieve 360-degree panoramic sound and powerful sound energy

      Equipped with SANAG's third-generation digital enhancement technology, it creates ultra-high resolution sound quality and a powerful 360-degree three-dimensional sound field.

      • Anti-Sound Leakage: Pulse directional sound transmission 5.0

      Use pulse directional sound transmission 5.0 technology to reduce sound leakage from headphones.

      • Wearing: Ergonomic structure

      Ergonomic structure, suitable for sports enthusiasts. 25g lightweight body, no pressure to wear.

      • Speed: Bluetooth Flash Link 6.0

      Exclusive invention patent, China Flash Link Bluetooth 6.0 patent number: 202011125333.9. Bluetooth Flash Link 6.0, connection delay as low as 35ms.

      • Waterproof: IPX8 waterproof level

      The headset has a highly sealed body.IPX8 waterproof level, and 2-meter depth waterproof. It not only supports swimming but also supports more sports.

      • Battery Life: 9 hours of long-lasting battery life all day long

      Equipped with a high-power battery with a full-day battery life of 9 hours. It can easily meet the needs of long and long-distance exercise throughout the day.

      • Call: CVC high-definition call, filtering out environmental noise in real-time

      Equipped with an upgraded CVC algorithm, it filters the surrounding environment noise. The human voice is clear to the ears, enabling a new high-definition noise reduction

      • Capacity: Built-in 64G memory

      Built-in 64G memory, can store tens of thousands of songs.No need for a mobile phone and has its own offline music library.

      • APP: Smart Sanag APP unlocks more functions

      Can be connected to Sanag app to set different functions, such as personalized sound effect customization (digitally enhanced/pop/rock/classical/lyrical/soft).

      Sanag B51S Pro RunBeat Bone Conduction Headphones Specs:

      • Bluetooth chip: JL AC7006
      • Headset type: Sports Bluetooth headset
      • Headset battery capacity:150mAh
      • Charging time: about 1.5 hours
      • Headphone size (length, width, height):138*106*41mm
      • Product impedance :8Ω/16Ω±10%
      • Transmission distance: ≥10 meters
      • Music playing time: about 10 hours (100% volume)
      • Weight: 25g

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