Ready for UEFA EURO 2024?

When is EURO 2024?

UEFA EURO 2024 will take place from June 14 to July 14 in Germany.

What is the schedule of EURO 2024?

Group Stage June 14
Round of 16 June 29
Semi-Finals July 9
2024 Final July 14

Click here and learn more other time of the matches.

When will the final of EURO 2024?

 UEFA EURO will end with the final on Sunday July 14.


Where will EURO 2024 be staged?

UEFA EURO 2024 will kick off in Munich on Friday June 14.

What are the EURO 2024 host cities?

Here are the host venues are as follows:

  • Berlin: Olympiastadion Berlin
  • Cologne: Cologne Stadium
  • Dortmund: BVB Stadion Dortmund
  • Dusseldorf: Düsseldorf Arena
  • Frankfurt: Frankfurt Arena
  • Gelsenkirchen: Arena AufSchalke
  • Hamburg: Volksparkstadion Hamburg
  • Leipzig: Leipzig Stadium
  • Munich: Munich Football Arena
  • Stuttgart: Stuttgart Arena

Where will the the final of EURO 2024?

UEFA EURO 2024 will end with the final in Berlin on Sunday July 14.

EURO 2024 host cities

Who has qualified for EURO?

Group A Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland
Group B Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania
Group C Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England
Group D Poland, Netherlands, Austria, France
Group E Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine
Group F Turkiye, Georgia, Portugal, Czechia


How to watch EURO 2024?

Whether watching from the field or on the TV, they are the good way to watches the EURO 2024 matches.

TV Broadcast 

People all around the world can watch the EURO 2024 matches through the TV broadcast. Click here to check out which TV broadcast can be watched in your country.

At the Stadium

Watching the EURO 2024 at the stadium is a better choise if'd like to feel the live atmosphere. Make a plan and buy the ticket to watch the whatches live at the stadium.

EURO 2024 stadium


What do you need to prepare before watching EURO 2024 online?

Don't have time to watch the match at the local? Don't worry about that. Prepare these eletric items to help you enhance your viewing ezperience of the EURO 2024. Follow me at once!

Sanag M13 Portable Premium Speakers

Would you like to be enjoy the EURO 2024 as the live audience? Preparing the high-quality speaker is essential to improve your experience of watching the matches on the TV broadcast. Try to use Sanag M13 portable premium speakers.

Why use Sanag M13 portable premium speakers?

  • HiFi lossless sound quality
  • 18 hours of long-lasting battery life
  • IPX7 waterproof level
  • Bluetooth V5.1
  • 10 lighting effects
  • Wireless bluetooth and plug-in card mode

Sanag M13 Portable Premium Speaker

Sanag S5S Smart Wireless Open-Ear Headphones

Anywhere want to watch the match and you're away? Want to be aware of your surroundings and watch the watch at the same time. How to do? Choose the perfect open ear headphones - Sanag S5 smart wireless open-ear headphones.

Why choose Sanag S5S smart wireless open-ear headphones?

  • HiFi spatical listening
  • Studio sound quality
  • Powerful surround bass
  • Reduces sound leakage by 96%
  • Comfortable wearing

    Sanag S5 Smart Wireless Open-Ear Headphones 

Sanag D50 Wirreless Noise-Canceling Headphones

Don't want to be disturbed by others and watch the matche alone? How to do? As we know, the over ear headphones are not only capable of noise cancellation, but also are good at high quality sound. Sanag D50 wireless noise-canceling headphones you deserve to have in order to enjoy the watch feast alone!

Why recommand Sanag D50 Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones?

  • -50dB deep noise reduction
  • 360-degree surround acoustic sound
  • 130 hours of powerful battery life
  • Sanag flash 6.0 technology
  • All-day wearing comfort

 Sanag D50 Wirreless Noise-Canceling Headphones

How to buy the tickets of EURO 2024?

Follow the UEFA EURO 2024 ticketing guide to buy the tickets!

When to buy the tickets of EURO 2024?

The EURO 2024 tickets will be delivered by the end of May 2024 via the official UEFA Mobile Tickets app. 

What are the prices of the tickets of EURO 2024?

Group Stage

Fans First €30-€50
Category 3 €60-€195
Category 2 €150-€400
Category 1 €200-€600
Prime Seats €400-€900

 Round of 16

Fans First €50
Category 3 €85
Category 2 €175
Category 1 €250
Prime Seats €500


Fans First €60
Category 3 €100
Category 2 €200
Category 1 €300
Prime Seats €700


Fans First €80
Category 3 €195
Category 2 €400
Category 1 €600
Prime Seats €900


Fans First €95
Category 3 €300
Category 2 €600
Category 1 €1000
Prime Seats €2000


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